The Federal Reserve is keeping us indentured servants!

I wish we had more time to take an interest in our monetary system considering we work so hard for our money and pay so many taxes.

The Federal Reserve is the biggest cartel of all time and its control over us is immense. I can’t believe more people are not up in arms with what our elected government official allows the federal reserve to get away with. They have never been audited, answer to no one, have unlimited power, are not affiliated with any government institutions, and are a completely private organization.

Take a look at what fractional reserve banking is! The banks can loan out 10x the amount of money they have and collect interest on money that does not actually exist, which guess who pays?

Please take the time to watch this video:

The last president to try and do anything about the federal reserve was JFK and well….. you see what happened to him. I think we need to take a closer look at one of his last speeches of which he was trying to warn us about what was going within our government. Only lately have the mainstream heard the term deep state or shadow government but these entities have been behind the scenes for a long time and the only reason you are hearing about them is because they want you to because they also control all mainstream media.

We wonder why we have to work longer hours for money that has less value. Well look no further than the federal reserve and the banking cartels. If you really want fare wages without being taxed to death and forced to work ridiculous hours just to keep your head above water than maybe disbanding the federal reserve is something you should get behind.

Ever wonder why we are not educated about anything to do with the federal reserve, fractional reserve banking, or fiat currency in school. It’s not by mistake, the powers that be don’t want us to wake up to the scheme that keeps us in servitude.

How are we ok with nearly 30%+ of our wages going to taxes with the majority of it going to things we do not even agree with. Maybe it’s because the government in coordination with corporations have done such a good job at keeping us distracted, subdued, and uninformed.

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