The Hegelian dialectic

In a world going mad I think it important for people to understand the philosophy that is heavily utilized by the elite or whatever you want to call the people who conspire to control the world. To them this is not a world gone mad but a planned escalation of there intentions for humanity and our world in general. It is one of ways the elite control us and dictates our future.

Hegelian dialectic: is an interpretive method in which the contradiction between a proposition (thesis) and its antithesis is resolved at a higher level of truth (synthesis)

They are always ahead of us and have had planned solutions for scheduled events throughout history. It may sound crazy but it is very true and with almost every event both government and military that has brought about a pre-planned solution throughout history can be boiled down to this equation. The elites use this trick and they believe if the preview these events through music, movies, cartoons, or whatever, that it negates then of the negative karma associated with the evil plan.

A prime example is 9/11 they created the problem and had a solution waiting in the wings. The manufactured problem was Bin Laden, the event to spark action 9/11, and the planned solution the patriot act and occupation of Iraq in the simplest form.

This is just one example of a tool the elite use to manipulate us like puppets.

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