The Journey Begins

The last two years have been challenge to say the least. I lost my fiance’ and her three boys due to her infidelity, and then my father to cancer, and finally my mother to cancer. It has been hard to digest all of these major life events but I can tell you that I have learned quickly how precious life is and that life is about experiences and connections not possessions.

We as a society have been pushed toward a materialistic epidemic perpetuated by global bankers, religious leaders, corporations, and governments to control our very existence. They increasingly set policies to centralize money and power in order to maintain control through a hierarchy that directs money to the top 2%. We are all just pons in there game and very few of us ever pull back the curtains to see Oz for what it is.

I need to find out what makes me tick in a world gone mad. I need to see the essence of what we are here on this planet for. We all go day to day working 9-5 jobs to pay bills and buy things to impress people we don’t care about. I have worked so many jobs just for a paycheck to acquire things to try and fill voids that only got deeper and even worse pay taxes to a tyrannical government whom uses that money for things I see as unjust and ignorant. I think we are allowing ourselves to be pulled further away from what our universal destiny is; communion with god, one another, and mother nature through experiences not with the latest gadget produced by a company in communion with the government to strip you of your imagination, health, or even soul. Hence the burning fire in my spirit to travel to Peru, to test myself and find my purpose. Step away from the 9-5 and experience life in a new light even if just for awhile. That is a pretty big expectation right? Well, lets see what happens.

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