I feel blessed to call her Grandma.

I feel blessed to call Lula Hull my grandma. She was the most fantastic person I have ever known, just like my mom. They were so much alike and were utterly selfless and kind-hearted in everything they did. You could always depend on them, and you never doubted that they loved you unconditionally.

Growing up on the farm was a blessing, with so many great experiences, adventures, and memories. My cousins and I were always grandma’s sidekicks, and we went with her everywhere. I could not imagine there being a better grandmother in all the world. She was never too busy to take the time to teach us and had a genuine ability to make people better. Her work ethic was unbelievable, and everyone struggled to keep up with her on the farm, even when we were much younger than her.

I remember working in the garden with her and asking if it was time for a break (because I was exhausted), and she just smiled and said, go ahead and get us a drink as she continued working. She had unlimited patience and generosity, which she blessed everyone with. Not only that, but everyone and I mean everyone, was welcome on the farm. You could guarantee you would leave grandmas with a full stomach, a smile on your face, words of wisdom, and a warm heart.

I am so thankful mom and grandma got to reunite before mom passed away. They were so close, and mom spent almost every day with grandma before mom got sick with cancer a year ago. It’s comforting to think of them in heaven together with pap looking down on us all with love and protection but boy, will we miss the physical presence of such amazing women.

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