Tomorrow’s the Day

My flight for Peru departs tomorrow; it’s going to be a long day, but I’m excited. I appreciate my mom, stepdad, niece, nephew, Chad, and many other friends and family for being supportive. I have had a few hiccups along the way, one major one being that my passport was going to expire within six months of my departure date, which I was not aware could keep me from entering certain foreign countries.

By coincidence, I was at the post office mailing some certified letters and happened to see the passport application poster and mentioned to the postal worker I was leaving for Peru in August. Still, my passport did not expire until February. He advised me that some countries will not let you travel if your passport expires within six months of your departure date. So after checking, I had to expedite a new visa, which arrived yesterday, thankfully.

I believe mom was looking out for me on that one. If I had not “coincidentally” mentioned the passport to the postal worker, I would have gotten to the airport and denied boarding.

Lesson: If you are traveling outside the country, you will be denied boarding if your passport expires within six months of your departure date.


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