Swallow Falls State Park

Swallow Falls State Park is a public recreation area located on the Youghiogheny River west bank, nine miles northwest of Oakland in Garrett County, Maryland. The state park features Maryland’s highest free-falling waterfall, the 53-foot Muddy Creek Falls, as well as smaller waterfalls on the Youghiogheny River and Tolivar Creek. The park is notable for its stand of old hemlock trees, some more than 300 years old, “the last stand of its kind in Maryland.”

Ever since I was a very young kid, I have fond memories of Swallow Falls State Park. The first time I visited the park was in the Early ’90s when I was about 11 years old. A friend of mine named John had taken me while visiting his cabin in Terra Alta. From the moment I visited this park, it became one of my favorite weekend trips. What makes Swallow Falls so appealing is the freedom to explore, swim, jump, and climb the waterfalls. Also, there are a few rock outcrops good for bouldering. The park is always clean, and echoic beverages are not permitted in the park, making it pleasant if you are trying to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. I highly recommend anyone who enjoys nature to take a trip to Swallow Falls State Park.


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