Once Upon A Time…

Once upon a time, there lived a civilization blessed with Gods’ creations and a planet that provided everything they needed to live loving happy and healthy lives. But some people became greedy and were influenced by sin, society, and entities outside of their dimension, which encouraged them never to be satisfied with what God had given them and felt that they could make their creations better than Gods. So, they created chemical-based medicines, foods, devices, and technologies to make life easier and more convenient, not realizing that some of these things were only pulling them further away from their purpose of seeking spirituality and enlightenment on earth. The people failed to understand that this only drove them further away from God and the planet he provided for them. They filled the voids in their hearts with every conceivable material procession and mass consumption, but still, they felt empty.

They began to decompartmentalize the earth and only saw it as a source of materials in order to make money. Some of these people began to use mother earth to consolidate power instead of reaching enlightenment, learn lessons to ascend to higher dimensions, and heaven. These people also created and adopted an inorganic diet consisting of artificial chemicals and preservatives that caused addiction, compromised immune systems, and disease. However, they still wondered why they were mentally and physically sick. The people created many types of chemicals and flooded their bodies with substances that do not sustain or support life. The people failed to realize that they were being manipulated and that their relationship with the planet provided to them by God had become perverted.

God had sent many messengers to guide them and teach them how to live a spiritual and fulfilling life close to Mother Nature and each other. Still, most of the people ignored the signs and sought self-gratification and material possessions. Not only that, but they were selfish and ignored the needs and suffering of their fellow man and even family. Most people did not understand that a small cabal of people on the planet conspired to control the resources that God had provided to everyone to consolidate money and control the population through power, the monetary system, and even food production.

The people also failed to realize that the Cabal were not like them and had chosen to follow a dark path. They were involved in nefarious activities and secret societies. They used politics, class, religion, and race to create division and implement their twisted vision of the world. They practiced ancient rituals perpetrated by a lineage of people who believed that this gave them power and the ability to blackmail each other to keep power and secrets from the general population. Throughout history, these people had sought to control man and manipulate the natural system God created. One day the people seeking to maintain control of the planet realized that the people were coming to an awakening that would redirect their intentions and give them a desire to change back to living the way God had meant for them to live in harmony with each other and mother earth. The controllers had prepared for a long time and implemented many technologies that would suppress the immune systems, corrupt their spirituality, and pollute their minds and bodies.

So, what happened to these people……? I guess time will tell.

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