Working out is good for the soul

As I worked out today I reflected on were my journey back to fitness and health began. About 3 years ago I was 250 lb. obese, on the verge of diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and a mirage of other health conditions. I had neglected myself for so long and spiraled downhill. The unhealthy relationship I was in at the time sure didn’t help either. When the relationship ended I decided to get back into shape and return to a healthy lifestyle. The first 4 months were tough but a buddy of mine said keep going and due 21 days straight. After about 6 months I was addicted and was in the gym 7 days a week but soon realized I was doing more harm than good and was not giving myself time to heal. I was sustaining injury’s so I decided to back off a little doing 5 days a week. After about two years I had lost 100 lbs of fat and gained 20 lb of muscle. I became not addicted to looking good although that is a nice side effect, but feeling good and working out has drastically improved my mental health, determination, and focus. The only supplements I take are a per-workout (4 Gauge), green supper food (Pure Synergy), protein (Gold Standard), and whole food supplement. I have a hard time keeping a consistent diet so recently started eating once maybe twice a day and fasting 24-48 hours once a month. Now time to increase cardio and cut back on weight training.


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