Learning to cast net in the Amazon with Marcos

I had the pleasure of meeting Shirley’s friend Joaquina, her husband Marcos, and their daughter Milli. Marcos is s skilled fisherman and makes his nets by hand and is extremely good at his craft. He offered to take me fishing, we took on his motorcycle and haded about 20 minutes to a lake along the Mades Del Rios Rover. We caught devil fish and other species common to this lake along the Madre del Rio’s. Today he will make traditional soup from the Devilfish (Chilcano), and Sunday, we will be going fishing on the Madre Del Rios. Even though we do not speak the same language and only rudimentary Spanish, we can communicate fine and become good friends. I look forward to spending more time with them, fishing with Marcos, and eating more food prepared by Joaquina.

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