Baptism Celebration and tour around PTO with Omar and Eza

Thankfully Omar and Eza, Shirley’s Uncle and Aunt from Abancay, were visiting Puerto Maldonado for a baptism we were also invited to. For the celebration, Omar’s family from Lima would be Joining in the celebration and ceremony. We started the day with a trip to the observation tower in Puerto Maldonado, which gives a good history and view of PTO after many many flights of steps. Getting to the top is excellent because of the refreshing breeze at the top. Omar’s family were very friendly and had a zest for life that I appreciate.

After we left the observation tower, we headed to eat at Puerto Hermosa and check out the Billinghurst bridge, which links Peru to Brazil across the Del Rios River. Back to our apartment to prepare for Baptism after a short siesta, which is customary. I was so thankful to be included in the festivities and felt alive with spirit. After a mass at a beautifully simplistic catholic church, we went to Omar’s uncle’s house rounds of drinks and many courses of food. The Peruvian people are incredibly generous and pride themselves on hospitality and drinking. After many more drinks and everyone enjoying dancing, Omar’s mom asked me to dance, which I graciously accepted but warned her that I was not a great dancer. Everyone had a good laugh as I tried my best to keep up with her with little success. The evening ended with hugs and kisses from everyone and a tuk-tuk ride back to our apartment in Dos De Mayo. Both of us have had one too many drinks were lucky enough to give clear enough directions to the driver. Celebrations in Peru are something special, and being able to experience them from the inside is something I hold near to my heart.

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